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At Grace’s Grooms we believe in HUMANITY BEFORE VANITY. 
It is the sole responsibility of the pet owner to maintain your pet’s coat at home between professional grooming visits. When a dog is presented with knots in their coat, whilst every effort may be taken to preserve length if preferred, a shorter clip may be deemed necessary for the comfort and welfare of your dog. 
We follow guidelines set out by the Animal Welfare Act. The de-matting process requires additional time and care, to ensure your pet is comfortable throughout and prevent injury or further discomfort. This often damages or blunts our tools, as this often has to be done on a ‘dirty’ coat pre-bathing, as matts can become tighter when wet. All of this will incur additional fees. In the event of severely matted or pelted coats, a short clip off may be the only kind option. This may uncover hidden skin issues, sores etc which you will be encouraged to seek veterinary advice for.
The groomer offer is not liable for any hidden health issues caused by coat neglect. 
Prevention is always best – so more frequent visits or tips for home grooming will be advised appropriately.
We are not here to judge. Life happens. But we do have a duty of care to ensure you pet is comfortable and free from discomfort, first and always. 
A cute haircut is always secondary.