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Our 100% natural beef bone broth is made with organic grass-fed beef bones, providing a natural source of collagen and nutrients. As a natural and high source of collagen, this aids the normal functioning of the organs and muscles. It acts as a great pick-me-up for dogs who need an energy boost, senior dogs that need some extra joint support or simply to help keep your dog in tip top condition!

Simply give our delicious Bone Broth to your dog as part of their daily diet. With no hard pills or tablets to swallow, it couldn’t be easier to use. Slowly introduce it into your pet’s diet and do not let it exceed more than 10% of your dog’s daily energy needs.

Three Ways To Serve: Serve over food to increase palatability, making it great for fussy eaters. Serve as a drink to hydrate quickly. Our 100% natural beef bone broth can be served warm or cold in summer. Simply pour into an ice tray, freeze and feed as a treat!

Suggested Amount: 0.5 pack per 5kg of body weight daily.

Our Bone Broth is suitable for freezing.

Suitable for any age or breed of dog, whether giving your puppy an amazing kick start to life or supporting your senior dog’s additional needs.

Our products are gentle on tummies, specially formulated for everyday use. For best results, use daily as part of your pet’s daily wellness routine.


Sells in a package of 350ML.


Keep out of reach of children. Refrigerate after opening and consume within five days.

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