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Herbal Dog Co Coconut Shampoo

Herbal Dog Co Coconut Conditioner

The perfect duo! Suitable for dogs and puppies and all coat types.

No Palm Oil – No Chemicals – Vegan – Cruelty Free

Coconut oil has known for thousands of years to have benefits for our skin and hair, and the benefits for our dogs are no different! Coconut is an excellent moisturizer for all coat types, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals. These products are handcrafted in North East England and features a blend of plant based ingredients, with a delicious but not overpowering fragrance of coconut.

Directions for use:

After using this product in our professional grooming salon, Grace’s Grooms, we at House Of Gray UK recommend to dilute a small dollop of the shampoo into a jug, bottle and mix well. This can be poured directly into a dry coat, and use a pouffe, sponge or mit to massage deep into the skin for best results. (Groomers TIP: If your pooch is particularly muddy, we recommend to rinse excess mud first before applying the first shampoo. We always recommend a double application, rinse and reapply before moving into conditioner.

The conditioner again should be diluted into your water container of choice for best results, but can be applied neat & generously to any areas prone to stubborn knots. (GROOMER TIP: To maximise benefits from the conditioner, allow the product to sit on your pooch for up to 10 mins before rinsing. During this time you can carefully use a rubber mit, palm brush or gloves to massage the product through the coat, into their skin – and help them relax into the pamper!

Rinse well, and be sure water runs clear before drying!

Keep out of reach of children.

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