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An extremely long lasting, natural alternative to dental sticks and chews, Antlers are an excellent source of entertainment for dogs of all sizes.

 Dogs have inherited a natural chewing need. Chewing on deer antlers releases positive brain chemicals like endorphins or happy hormones. Chewing on a deer antler can not only reduce boredom but also provides them with a feeling of peace and well-being. Chewing on deer antlers is therefore an excellent treatment for dog’s that suffer from stress and anxiety – or find it difficult to ‘switch off’.

Deer antler is packed with healthy nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. These substances are essential for benefiting your dog’s bones, teeth, muscles, nervous system and heart.

The natural texture of antlers, mean while your dog is enjoying a chew, the natural scraping motion can help remove plaque build up, promoting good dental hygiene! 

Our antlers come in 4 sizes:

Small – 50g – 75g, Medium – 76-150g, Large – 151-220g, Extra Large – 221-270g


Long Lasting Chew
Low Fat
High Protein
Supports Dental Hygiene

Always supervise your dog with an antler and remove it immediately when they chew it down to an unsafe size, to avoid choking risks.

Note: Size is determined by the weight and width of each cut of antler. Due to the nature of … nature, your chew may not appear exactly as the image.

Composition: 100% Deer Antler. 

Additional information

Size and weight

Extra Small – <40-50g, Small – 50g – 75g, Medium – 76-150g, Large – 151-220g, Extra Large – 221-270g


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