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100% Pure Meat Sausages – Available in Venison, Rabbit, Pheasant & Partridge, Salmon, Beef, Turkey, Haddock & Duck.


These 100% PURE MEAT Sausages are not only delicious but they’re healthy too! Containing JUST meat, they are the perfect for pets with common allergies to singular proteins you need to avoid. 

Give your pet the ultimate treat that offers a great source of protein as well as being responsibly source and delicious. Simply nothing but the best!

They’re great to offer both as a sausage chew, or simply slice into training treats – thin or thick, perfect to suit your individual pet’s size and needs. Don’t forget to pick up a training clicker tool, to team with your training treats! 


– Low Fat

– Grain Free

  Suitable for puppies 4 Weeks+

– Made in Britain

– Highly Digestible


100% Pure Meat Sausages Venison: 100% Venison

100% Pure Meat Sausages Rabbit: 100% Rabbit

100% Pure Meat Sausages Pheasant & Partridge: 100% Mixed game

100% Pure Meat Sausages Salmon: 100% Salmon

100% Pure Meat Sausages Beef:  100% Beef

100% Pure Meat Sausages Turkey: 100% Turkey

100% Pure Meat Sausages Haddock: 100% Haddock

100% Pure Meat Sausages Duck: 100% Duck


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool & dry place.

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100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Venison, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Rabbit, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Pheasant & Partridge, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Salmon, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Beef, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Turkey, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Haddock, 100% PURE MEAT Sausage – Duck


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