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Herbal Dog Co Wrinkle Wipe

Dorwest Skin Balm

Directions for use:

Our Bully Bundle is created especially for our brachycephalic breeds. French Bulldogs, British Bulldog, Pugs, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Mastiffs or ever growing ‘Bully’ cross breeds…

If your pooch has a wrinkly face, you’ll know just how sensitive the delicate skin on this area can be. The Herbal Dog Co have formulated the Rose Natural Wrinkle Wash as the perfect way to cleanse skin folds and keep wrinkles free from unpleasant bacteria build up. 

The Wrinkle Wipe is created with all natural oils & botanical extracts, their herbal products are free from any nasty chemicals to be kind to your pooch. 

This product does not contain oats that can irritate yeast imbalances, common in these breeds. This product works best with regular use. 

Once those folds and wrinkles are cleansed, the Dorwest Skin Balm is the perfect step 2 thanks to it’s amazing trio of natural ingredients.

Comfrey herb has moisturising properties, it helps to stimulate cell growth and maintain skin elasticity. It is the perfect herb for bruises and small scrapes. Due to its natural properties. Calendula softens the skin, aids skin repair & also helps calm irritation. The last herb infused into the sunflower and jojoba oils is Chamomile – this delicate herb calms tender areas and is ideal for sensitive skin.

Along with natural beeswax and nourishing shea butter Dorwest have included oils of lavender, rose geranium and mandarin which make it a real treat to use for both owner and pet!

(GROOMER TIP: I often find myself covered in scratches from puppy dog claws, and always apply this at the end of my working day to these areas to promote healthy healing. It also worked amazingly on healing my tattoos too!! The benefits are endless for human or dog.)

Keep out of reach of children.

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